Join us for our BRAND NEW Holiday Show, “SCA’s 2020 Holiday Telethon”!  Patterned after a real Telethon complete with entertaining skits, phone operators taking calls, and fundraising for a local community charity, this themed “Letters to Santa” Telethon is sure to spread joy and get you in the holiday spirit!

This show will be a hybrid of performing, but mostly pre-recorded.  Air time and access to view information coming soon!  Cast members – watch for emails regarding rehearsals, scripts, music, save the dates, and more!

Cast List for “SCA’s 2020 Holiday Telethon – Letters to Santa”

Please look through the entire list as your name may be listed more than once.  Dancers, Hey Mom kids and Telethon actors/actresses will have in person rehearsals on Saturdays.  Singers, monologues, and other skits will be contacted regarding their rehearsals.
* denotes a speaking role

Telethon Hostess*:  Rylee Campbell

Telethon Producer*:  Andy Schloesser

Telethon Camera Operator*: Madeline Olsen

Telethon Stage Manager*:  Abigail Dalton

Telethon Hair/Makeup Assistant*:  Maggie McNulty

Telethon Phone Operator*:  Leah Walker

Telethon Phone Operator*:  Baylee Weesner

Letter to Santa Monologue*:  Lillian Brimmer

Letter to Santa Monologue *:  Ava Recupero

Letter to Santa Monologue*:  Maclyn Weesner

Hey Mom kids*:

Lillian Brimmer
Ava Recupero
Josh Walker
Leah Walker
Baylee Weesner
Maclyn Weesner

FedEx Christmas Request*:

Lily Blake
Madeline Olsen
Josh Walker

Yes, Virginia – There is a Santa Claus*:

Lily Blake
Josh Walker

Santa’s Singers

Lily Blake
Lillian Brimmer
Rylee Campbell (trio)
Abigail Dalton (partial solo)
Brindisi Horswill
Olivia Lewis
Madeline Olsen (trio)
Andy Schloesser (trio)

Authentic Letters to Santa*:

Charlotte Johnson
Thea Johnson

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Dancers

Sophia Burd
Lu Stensrud
Aslynn Whitford

Must’ve Been Ol Santa Claus Dancers

Kylie Beerup
Bella Borquist
Chloe Buell
Abbie Hopper
Peyton Johnson
Gigi Olveda
Ava Recupero

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town Dancers

Addeline Anderson
Nora Deegan
Ellie Dennison
Becca Ehle
Talya Kulp
Mya Richards

Man with the Bag Dancers

Madelyn Bakken
Lily Beerup
Braelynn Bratz
Rylee Campbell
Abigail Dalton
Brindisi Horswill
Makayla Weesner

Grown Up Christmas List Dancers

Grace LeBeau
Madelyn Moline
Andy Schloesser
Natalie Wesolek