Kendyll Hazzard
Dance Department

Kendyll began her dance training in Washington at the age of two, but really found her passion for dance after moving to Wisconsin, where she joined Stoughton Center for the Arts in 2013. She then became a member of the SCA pre-professional program and company, where she took classes from SCA faculty, including Britton Dorcey, Catherine Bartels, and Natalie Norlin.  She later went on to Bucknell University as a dance merit scholar, and joined the Bucknell Dance Company. She primarily studied modern dance under the direction of Kelly Knox, and ballet and jazz under Professors Er-Dong Hu and Dustyn Martincich.

As a member of the Bucknell Dance Company she was able to learn and perform original repertory from residency artists such as Ailey II dancer Nathaniel Hunt, Giordano Jazz principal Eddy Ocampo, and Sidra Bell of Sidra Bell Dance NYC. She also was able to participate in master class series from notable artists, such as Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet, Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, and Parsons Dance. In addition she participated in student-run organizations, such as Stampede Hip-Hop club, and served as president of the Riff and Ray tap club. Beyond campus, she studied Ballet under the supervision of Amy Casimir of Strictly ballet, and Oklahoma Dance Festival. She taught modern and contemporary at Downtown Dance studio for three years, in addition to serving as choreographer for RiverStage Community Theater. Currently, she is continuing to maintain and refine her classical modern technique through Kanopy Dance in Madison.  She’s beyond excited to return to her home studio and bring everything she has since learned back to the community that gave her the initial spark for dance and the tools she needed to succeed.