Rebecca Sykalski
Art Department

Rebecca is a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee alumna, with BFAs in Ceramics and Art Education. I have a lifetime art teacher license for k-12, I’ve taught in public schools for over 6 years and have decided to see what art education looks like outside of public school.  I grew up, work, and teach in Wisconsin. While I focus on acrylic painting and ceramics, in my own professional portfolio, I am a renaissance artist of sorts; I also do stained glass, leatherworking, and a variety of other mediums. I do sell my own work and do art vending at street festivals during the summer months. I currently live in Janesville with my partner and my menagerie of pets and plants. In addition to my strong passion for all visual arts, I am an avid outdoorsman, archer, cyclist, and kayaker so you may see me on trails with my dog or on the river locally with my partner and friends. I’m looking forward to building on my curriculum knowledge from teaching and establishing a rigorous curriculum specific to the Stoughton Center of the Arts. I am excited to help all my students progress and shine.

Some of Rebecca’s work can be found at