Tuition is charged by session, with sessions being 7-10 weeks long.  There is a $25 registration fee due with initial season registration.

Per 10 week session, classes are one time per week, 60 minute classes – $190


Classes at the Center run Monday through Thursday between 4 – 9pm.

2020 Fall Session Announced Soon!


Our students will showcase their work at the end of each session.

Students will hold an art show at the end of each session.  This experience helps to bring their training full circle by offering them a gallery show and gives their friends and family an opportunity to enjoy their talents.

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From a higher level of training, additional performance opportunities, to assistance with tuition, learn more below.

Our Pre Professional Program (by invitation only) and our Company (by audition only) both offer a higher level of training and additional performance opportunities.

Our Parent Guild offers fundraising opportunities to every student at the Center.

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