CALLING ALL DANCERS, MUSICIANS, AND ACTORS/ACTRESSES!  We are auditioning for our Company for the 2019-20 Season!
Video auditions can be emailed any time, in person auditions will be held at SCA on Monday June 10th 2019.  Audition information is as follows:

Video auditions are as follows:
Please send a completed Audition Form (see link below) with the video!
For dancers:  please submit approximately 2 minute video that shows ballet, jazz, modern, OR contemporary and has turns and leaps/jumps in it.  A pre-recorded competition solo from this season is acceptable.
For musicians:  please submit a video of performing your preferred instrument (singing or playing) a song of your choice that is 1-2 minutes long.
For actors/actresses:  please submit a video of a 1 minute monologue.

In person auditions will be held on Monday June 10th as follows:
Please complete the Audition Form (see link below) to bring with you at auditions!
4pm – 5pm Dancers ages 7-11
5pm – 5:45pm Dancers ages 12-18
5:45-6:45pm – Musicians and Actors/Actresses – all ages

Dancers should come in dancewear; they will be asked to show basic skills according to their age/level and will be taught a combination to perform.
Musicians should bring a 1-2 minute solo to perform.
Actors/Actresses should bring a 1 minute monologue to perform (does not need to be memorized).

Company Audition Form
Tentative PPL Contract
Tentative Company Contract

Don’t let the word “contract” scare you; we’re just trying to relay in a collective manner the different elements that your son/daughter is committing to by joining Company and/or PPL.  Please note – if a student auditions for and is accepted on Company, they are required to train at the PPL level.

Our Company members perform, compete, and participate in additional training at various regional events throughout the season.  In addition, they are involved in fundraising and community outreach events and services.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 608-873-0717 or via email!