As of Monday July 13th, complying with Dane County Order #8, anyone age 5 and older entering the Stoughton Center for the Arts will need to wear a cloth face covering.

We have detailed below measures and options for each individual department.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

With dance, each discipline is different…a ballet barre is different from a fast jazz combination.  However, I believe with the below guidelines in place, our students will be able to comfortably and safely dance in our studios.

A quick side note – just yesterday, we had our very first Mini PPL class, with dancers ages 5-6.  Every one of them was voluntarily wearing a mask, and they all did just fine!  I have spoken with studio owners and instructors across the country who have required masks and the majority of them say as long as you allow breaks the students are just fine.  They are happy just to be back, in person, in the studio, and dancing.

During each class, the following things will be done to ensure the student’s safety and comfort:

  • As previously stated, once in the studio, each student will set their dance bag on X’s that are 6 feet apart.  When possible, we will stagger students so they are 12 feet apart.
  • While they are at their X’s changing shoes in between classes, they may remove their mask for a quick break, remaining socially distant from one another.  Masks must be put back on prior to leaving their X.
  • Faculty have been instructed to work on techniques, elements, and aspects that are lower aerobic.  Strength, flexibility, proper placement, and details of steps will be a focus this summer, to ensure comfort for the student in class.  There is a LOT of material that is lower aerobic that will greatly benefit these dancers and continue to push them to improve.  This is not to say that they won’t jump, leap, do fast combinations, or have any aerobic activity, it is to say that the teachers will be acutely aware of the present situation and plan classes accordingly.
  • Faculty has also been reminded to remain extremely aware and cognizant of the students in class and how they are feeling,acting and behaving physically.
  • Once a combination is learned, students will run it in groups to offer breaks.  When a student’s group is not dancing, they will wait on their X, and may take a brief moment to remove their mask.  Mask must be put back on prior to leaving their X.
  • If a student needs a break, they simply need to raise their hand and ask the teacher.  They would then go to their X for their quick break.
  • Reminder that each student should bring her own filled water bottle.  No food is allowed during class.
  • As always the final decision is up to the family…if anyone would like to switch to virtual they are welcome to do so.  Please email Stephanie if you would prefer to switch to virtual classes.

For those that have chosen virtual lessons, your lessons will continue as normal.  If you need to enter the facility for any reason, please wear a mask.

For those that have chosen in-person lessons:

  • Piano, guitar, strings, and voice** students will be asked to wear a mask for their in person lessons.
  • All brass and woodwind instruments that were in person will be moved to virtual lessons for the time being.

**Miss Natalie has already taught multiple in person lessons (including a 7 year old vocal student) while wearing masks and it was quite feasible.

If the student would prefer to switch to virtual, please email Stephanie.

The July Drama Session is solely and specifically a Zoom Session.

If you need to enter SCA for any reason, please wear a mask.

August Drama Session(s) will be announced soon!