To best organize the large amount of information, we have a bulleted list below, and further details on each item further down.

  1. Please read the details below and then answer this short survey regarding Showcase and Summer.
  2. June 4th and 11th – Zoom links will come for classes these weeks to finish up our preparation for Showcase!
  3. Tentatively set for June 18th – we will record for Showcase!  If this changes, we will email you to let you know.
  4. Send us pictures, videos, and stories for our Showcase Montage!
  5. Order your Showcase video.
  6. Watch for our all new, all virtual performance drama workshop in July!

Heading into this season, I never would have believed that our Showcases or our Summer would look quite like this.  However, in these uncertain times, it is necessary that we hold the safety of our students, our families, and our faculty in the highest priority.

Our Showcases will be virtual this year!  As this is all new this season, we have done our best to put all the details below, but if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

#1 – Complete the survey

  • Drama is a bit unique in that unlike a solo music performance or a group dance class, the drama students need the interaction of one another to successfully navigate their performance.  However, we also recognize that safety and making our families feel comfortable is of the utmost importance.  Please take the confidential survey to let us know what direction you’d prefer for how we approach Showcase.

#2 – The last few classes to prepare and review

  • June 4th and June 11th will be the final virtual classes to finish preparing for Showcase.  Zoom links will be sent prior.

#3 – Record for Showcase!

  • Footlights Class and Spotlights Class are tentatively set for June 18th, same day of the week and close to the same time as your regular class.  Pending the information we receive from the survey, we will either do a fully virtual Zoom performance for your class or, due to the very small number of students per class, we will record at SCA in a “Reader’s Theatre” style.  In this style of theatre, actors sit in a chair or on a stool and read/recite their lines, and react to the other actors without leaving their chairs.  A perfect way to maintain social distancing!
    Our Center Stage Class is slightly larger and will perform their show as Reader’s Theatre on a date and location yet to be determined.  Again, please complete the survey for us so we can properly determine the remaining details.  Thank you!

#4 -Send us your pictures and/or videos

  • We are creating a montage this season that will be a part of all of our Showcase videos.  Please send us videos, pictures, or stories that we could add to our Showcase montage.  We’d love to include media from the entire Season, September through May – first day of class, practicing at home, whatever you’ve got!

#5 – Order your keepsake Showcase video

  • After we have collected all the videos we will put them together into our Showcase 2020 and send them out to those who ordered!  Videos will be offered at a ‘pay what you can’ rate, and 100% of the proceeds from the videos will go to the Stoughton Arts Guild, which will help pay tuition to students studying the arts whose parents have been financially impacted by COVID-19.
    Order your 2020 Showcase Video here

#6 – Our all new, all virtual July Performance Workshop

  • Theatre companies everywhere are pivoting and adjusting to theatre now, and one thing that has come out of this are all virtual shows!  Specifically written to be learned, practiced, rehearsed, and even performed on a virtual platform like Zoom, these shows have shown us all that the arts is truly an amazing element of life.  More information on our All Virtual July Performance Workshop coming soon!