Lydia Ensminger

Music Department

Lydia has been studying drama, voice, and piano for over 12 years. She has had the opportunity to study with several prestigious organizations including New York Film Academy, New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, and AMTC- Shine. Lydia has had the pleasure to be taught by many great teachers such as Dawn Cantwell, Asher Grodman, Jane Ericksen, and more! She has explored many different styles of vocal music such as classical, jazz, and pop, but her focus is musical theater. Lydia has participated in over 30 local and community musicals with Central Wisconsin Educational Theater Alliance, Wausau Community Theater, and more! Most recently, she had the opportunity to serve as music director for The Playhouse Theater Group and Central Wisconsin Children’s Theater, with whom she grew up performing.

Lydia is so excited to start teaching for SCA, and cannot wait to pass on the valuable skills and lessons she has learned over the years. She believes that music is one of the purest and most powerful forms of expression, and is passionate about guiding young performers as they begin their musical journey.