Stoughton Center for the Arts is excited to announce that we are expanding our programs to include Writing Workshops!

Have an aspiring author at home?  Always wanted to write a novel but not quite sure how to go about it or where to start?  These classes are for you!

Workshops are offered in two sessions for multiple age levels, including adults!  Take one or both sessions.

Writing Workshop Session One

Session One
Ages 11-15 – Survey of Storytelling
Tuesdays from 5:30-6:30pm
February 25th though April 7th (no class March 24th)
$135 for the Session

What’s in a story?

Over the course of six weeks, we’ll explore the answer to this very question by examining what makes a character who they are, as well as the nature of change, plot, predictions, and theme – or the moral of the stories we listen to, read, and tell.

Session One
Ages 16-Adult – Survey of Storytelling
Tuesdays from 7-8pm
February 25th through April 7th (no class March 24th)
$135 for the Session

Class Description

In this version of Survey of Storytelling, adult enrollees will do a deeper dive into the nature of character, what it means for a character to change (and how!), the interplay and difference between plot and structure, and how tension and goal-orientated storytelling can create compelling tales for readers of all stripes.

Writing Workshop Session Two

Session Two
Ages 11-15 – Stories in a Flash – Short Story Writing for Kids
Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00pm (with 6:30pm on available as workshop time)
April 14th through May 19th
$155 for the Session
Price does not include the cost of book printing and binding

“I want to write my story now.”

You can, and we can make it happen together!  In this course, we’ll examine what makes a short story memorable before we explore short story ideas of our own.  Then, with an understanding of story and character in hand, we’ll draft our very own tales to be printed and bound into a short story collection!

This six-week course is for middle-school age students with an interest in expressing themselves creatively through short stories.

Session Two
Ages 16-Adult – Write Your Novel Now
Tuesdays 7:15-8:45pm (with workshop time available as sessions permit)
April 14th through May 19th
$155 for the Session
Price does not include the cost of book printing and binding

How’s that novel coming?

A tough question, but never fear!  After taking this course, writers will have developed and strengthened their concepts, explored various plot structure models, and be empowered to outline their novels scene-by-scene.

This six-week course is for adult writers of all experience levels, including those who have never written or started writing a novel before.

R. R. Campbell
R. R. CampbellAuthor
Born Ryan Campbell, r.r. campbell is an author, writing coach, and the founder of the Writescast Network, a podcast collective for writers, by writers. He is also an instructor for the University of Wisconsin’s Division of Continuing Studies in Writing.

The author has been an invited speaker at conferences and seminars including the University of Wisconsin Writers’ Institute, WisCon, and Great River Writes.

His published novels include Accounting for It All and Imminent Dawn, which debuted as the number one new release for its genre on Amazon. Its sequel, Mourning Dove, is now available in print and ebook with most major retailers.

When he isn’t reading, writing, or researching for his next novel, he can be found binge watching any number of serial dramas or comedies, playing soccer, or cheering on the Packers, Bucks, and Flamingos of Forward Madison FC.

He lives in Stoughton with his wife, Lacey, and their cats, Hashtag and Rhaegar. For more, you can visit and