• As a courtesy to our faculty and students, please arrive for classes on time.
  • Newsletters are emailed monthly with important updates on classes and events.
  • Poor attendance may result in student being pulled from performance and/or competitions.
  • No street shoes are allowed in the dance and drama studios.
  • No running in any of the studios or hallways/waiting areas.
  • No hanging on ballet barres in the dance and drama studios.
  • Please do NOT touch the mirrors in the dance and drama studios.
  • In the event Stoughton schools are closed, dismissed early, or after school activities are cancelled due to bad weather, the Center will be closed as well.  If the school district alters the after school activity schedule due to bad weather (cancels at some schools, cancels games/meets/practices, notifies that district buildings will be closed early), the Center will be closed as well.
    Notifications of this will be emailed and posted on our Facebook page.
    Due to bad weather being out of our control and completely unpredictable, we are unable to offer makeups or tuition reimbursements as a result of bad weather closures.
  • Tuition for all 32 weeks is divided into nine equal payments (September through May). The first of nine payments is due at the time of registration; the remaining payments are due the first of each month (October through May).
  • Please contact the Director for financing requests.
  • There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.
  • All classes are payable in advance; no refunds or credits for classes missed or dropped.
  • All extras on your account (costume deposits, costume balances, boutique purchases put on account) will be included with your tuition in your auto payment each month, unless noted otherwise.
  • Any account not paid in full by the 20th of each month will incur a $15 late fee.
  • Should your account become 60 days past due, participation in classes will cease immediately. Once account is current, classes may resume.  Accounts not paid in full after 90 days will be sent to collections.
  • In the event you discontinue a class, a written notice is required 30 days in advance. Tuition payments will continue to be your responsibility until a 30 day advance written notice is received.  This written notice can be received by the front desk or via email.  If you discontinue a Dance Department or Theater Department class, remaining costume balances and performance fees are your responsibility.

Drama Dept Dress Code:  Please wear clothing that is easy to move in.  You must own black pants and a white shirt as a ‘base’ to wear during the show.

Dance Dept Dress Code:  Proper tight fitting dancewear worn for class allows the faculty to observe and correct all body movements and placement, helping the student to achieve greater understanding, control, strength.

  • No jewelry is allowed in class.
  • Hair must be secured off neck and face; no ponytails.
  • Boys should wear solid color t-shirt and sweatpants, athletic pants, or basketball shorts.
  • Girls should wear a solid color leotard and tights for ballet, tap and jazz.  In tap, jazz, poms, hip hop, lyrical, modern, and contemporary booty shorts, leggings, or yoga pants are acceptable.  In these same disciplines a tight fitting camisole or t-shirt are also acceptable.
  • Proper shoes are needed for each discipline:  ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical.  For hip hop and poms, jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, or clean tennis shoes (not to be worn outside, reserved only for studio use) are acceptable.  Modern and contemporary are done barefoot, but students may bring/wear socks if they choose.
  • Dance shoes are NOT to be worn outside.  Likewise, street shoes are not allowed in any of the dance/drama studios.
  • You may make up two excused absences per semester (Semester 1 is Sept. thru Dec., Semester 2 is Jan. thru May).
  • An absence is considered excused if it is notified in advance by a parent or guardian, and is for illness, planned vacation, mandatory school event, etc.
  • Unexcused absences cannot be made up. If faculty has to cancel, the class will be made up regardless.
  • Closings due to bad weather cannot be made up.
  • To makeup a group class, a class of the same discipline, age, and level will be offered as a makeup.
  • To makeup a private class or lesson, the parent or guardian must contact our Business Manager within 2 weeks of the excused absence to let us know you would like a makeup for that absence.  At that point, the Business Manager will look at the faculty’s schedule to see when a makeup time can be provided.

Dance department students that are participating in our Annual Showcase will have costumes ordered for them.
The average cost of a costume is approximately $100.  Some classes that may require additional accessories (such as shoes for Hip Hop or Poms) may be slightly higher.

Costume Down Payment Information
Costume down payments (for showcase performances) of $40 per class are due with November Tuition.
If not received by the 10th of November, a costume will not be ordered.

Costume Balances
Costume balances are due in full with February Tuition.  If not received by the 10th of February, your account will be assessed a late fee of $25.
Costumes arrive in the spring and will go home once balances are paid in full.

Note to Company Dancers:  Competition costume deposits are due on October 1st for those not on our budget billing plan.