Frequently Asked Questions
Company and PPL

PPL is short for Pre-Professional Level.   Our PPL program is open for students in our dance, music, or drama departments.

In our PPL program students study at a higher level of education, grouped with like minded students who are talented, motivated, and focused.

PPL focuses on the training and education of the individual student.  Company is the performance (and in some departments, competitive) piece of a student’s education.

Our PPL students study on a different level than our recreational program and may be offered more performance opportunities during our Showcases at the end of the season.  Our Company is offered various different performance and potentially competitive opportunities throughout the season.

In our PPL program, our students train at a higher level.  If your student comes home wanting a bit more from their classes, then the PPL program might be a good fit.  Students within this program are motivated, work to achieve consistent improvement, often set goals for themselves, have great work ethic, and love their art.

In Company, students become a close family.  Our Company is an elite group of student artists that represent the Stoughton Center for the Arts in the Stoughton community and beyond.

If you’ve seen listings of previous Company or PPL members, you’ve likely seen “Triple Threat” somewhere along the way.

Technically, a ‘triple threat’ is a performing artist that is involved and excels at dance, music and drama.  For our PPL and Company programs, our Triple Threats have slightly different expectations than single departments members of the programs.  Although they are not required to take classes or perform in all three departments, they do commit to taking classes or lessons and performing/competing in two of the three departments.

Students that are in our PPL program are not required to be on Company.

Since our PPL program is the educational piece of our elevated program, anyone who auditions for and makes our Company must commit to our PPL program.

For our PPL program, students are recommended by our SCA faculty and invitations are sent via email in the spring.  If the invitation is accepted, then the student would go through a trial period taking classes with other PPL students throughout the summer, and then offered a contract at the end of the summer for the following season.
PPL dancers must have taken at least one season of ballet to be considered for PPL.

For our Company, students must audition.  Auditions are usually held in May/June for the following season.

The time commitment varies by type and level of PPL member.  For example, a PPL musician is required to take a 45 minute music lesson and then one other class or lesson of their choice, varying between 30-60 minutes.  A PPL Petite dancer is required each week to take two ballet classes, one jazz class, one tap class, and one additional class of their choice.

Most of our PPL students are at the studio 1-2 nights per week for younger students and 2-3 nights for older students.

Cost for PPL program varies by department and level.  Please inquire with our office for specifics.

Each Company member pays monthly dues, which cover a wide variety of Company expenses, including administrative costs, faculty salaries, music, and more.  Monthly dues vary with type and level of Company member.