Resurgence is defined as “a rising again into life, activity, or prominence”.  What better way to describe our Showcase for this year.  I have been constantly amazed at the resiliency of these children throughout everything, and the joy we have had teaching them this year is like no other.

For many of them, this will either be their first time on stage or their first time on stage in well over a year.  It is our goal at SCA to make this a wonderful memory for each of them, however different it may look from Showcases past.

All shows and rehearsals are at the Stoughton Opera House.
Friday Evening June 4th – 7:00pm – Dress rehearsal is Tuesday June 1st starting at 5pm
Saturday Matinee June 5th – 1:00pm – Dress rehearsal is Wednesday June 2nd starting at 5pm
Saturday Evening June 5th – 7:00pm – Dress rehearsal is Sunday May 23rd starting at 4pm

A few important items to note:

  • A lot of pertinent information is below.  Please take the time to read fully so that you’re well informed!
  • We are the very first event at the Stoughton Opera House since it shut down last March.  As such, multiple precautions are being taken and many of the policies listed are requested by them.  Please adhere to these policies to honor the gorgeous historic facility and the hard working city employees that help keep that theater alive and vibrant.
  • Among those policies – EVERYONE who enters the Stoughton Opera House building will be required to wear a mask at all times.  In addition, they have set capacity guidelines for the auditorium and temperature checks will be taken of those entering the theater.  The capacity guidelines will restrict the number of tickets allowed per family, but a live stream of the event will be available for those not able to attend in person.

So many of us – your children included – are so very excited just for the opportunity to be onstage again.  After last year and a fully digital Showcase, let us be grateful for this chance and appreciative that the Stoughton Opera House is opening its doors for us…months before it will hold other in person events.

Here’s your Before Dress Rehearsal Checklist!

  • Verify what show(s) you’re in and what dress rehearsal you need to attend.  Shows are listed below.  Music and Drama students are in EITHER Friday night or Saturday matinee.  Dance students are in BOTH Friday night and Saturday matinee (due to costume purchase).  PPL and Company music/drama are in two shows, PPL and Company dancers are in all three shows.  Also please check the spelling of your student’s name for accuracy in the playbill!
    All Showcases listed by Family/Last Name – UPDATED 05.20
    Friday Evening Show – UPDATED 05.27
    Saturday Matinee Show – UPDATED 05.20
    Saturday Evening Show – UPDATED 05.27
  • Double check your attire.  Music students should dress nicely – no jeans, shorts, flip flops, etc.  Drama students please verify that you have your costume pieces.  Dance students make sure you have costume and tights (purchased and provided) and shoes (you provide).  Dance students please check here for information on hair, makeup and more.
  • Review your tickets.  See the ticket tab for more information regarding tickets!
  • Mark all items with your student’s name.  This includes all costumes, dance bags, shoes, headpieces, tights, music, etc.

Here is your At Dress Rehearsal Checklist!

Please note:  Every effort will be made to move quickly, however please plan on it being a long evening.
It is nearly impossible to estimate how long the rehearsals will run.

  • Dress Rehearsals are closed.  Please, no visitors!  One parent is allowed per student.  If your student is 11+ years old, please drop your child off and then pick them up after rehearsal is finished to keep our capacity within the opera house at a minimum.
  • Arrive at the Stoughton Opera House and be seated in the Auditorium by 5:00pm.  Please have your students dressed and ready for their first number (hair and makeup completed if they are a dancer).
    Friday night show dress rehearsal is Tuesday June 1st.  Saturday matinee show dress rehearsal is Wednesday June 2nd.
    Pre-Professional Level & Company Dancers on stage by 4:30pm for warm-ups on Tuesday June 1st and Wednesday June 2nd.
  • Notes and FAQs will start at 5:00pm.  Notes about the evening will be given at 5:00pm; student (and parent, if applicable) should be seated in the auditorium by 5:00pm for these notes.  They will likely answer a lot of frequently asked questions!
  • Are you a parent wondering what you need to do?  No worries!
    • If your student is under the age of 11 please do not leave them unattended.  Once our younger students are in their dressing rooms with the provided adult supervision, you may go sit in the auditorium.
    • Every performer will be required to wear a mask.  All dance and drama students should wear black masks; if you do not have a black mask one will be provided.  Music students may wear their own mask, black not required.
    • There are multiple dressing rooms for our various performers which are all labeled with signs.  Every performer must be in their appropriate dressing room during the Act which they perform in (example, if your musician is in the first half of the show they will remain in their room for the entire first Act, if your dancer has one number in the first half and another in the second they will remain in their dressing room for the entire show.).
    • Due to capacity limits, NO PERFORMERS will be allowed to watch the show from the house.  The show will be live-streamed and they will be able to watch from the dressing room.
    • Stay in the auditorium immediately following your performer’s number for any comments or corrections.  If that number is their final time on stage for dress rehearsal, you are free to leave!
    • ABSOLUTELY NO food, drinks, candy, or gum is allowed in the auditorium, backstage, or in any of the dressing rooms (this includes in dance bags).
  • For Dance Students/Parents only:
    • You are responsible for your dancer’s costume changes, hair and makeup.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday rehearsals are FULL dress rehearsals, meaning your dancer’s hair and makeup should be done and they should be in full costume and tights/shoes.
    • Tights and Shoes:  Please use the tights you were given to be worn with your costume.  For ballet numbers pink ballet shoes are required.  For tap numbers black tap shoes are required.  For jazz numbers black jazz shoes are required (for PPL/Co, you may have been specified otherwise).  For SOME hip hop numbers, special shoes were requested via email a few weeks ago.  Refer to this document for all classes specific shoes and tights.
    • Makeup:  All Makeup applied should be heavier than street makeup to be seen under the strong stage lights.
      Eyebrows should be penciled in if they are light.  Eyes should have neutral eyeshadow (grays or browns), eyeliner, and mascara or false eyelashes.
      No lipstick or blush is needed, as all performers will be wearing masks.
    • Hair:  We do what we call “Universal Hair”, meaning every dancer has the same hairstyle for every dance.  This saves a lot of headaches in there are no hair changes needed throughout the show!
      FOR EVERY STANDARD REC CLASS EXCEPT MISS BRITTON’S MONDAY 5:45PM HIP HOP CLASS – Hair should be pulled into a low ponytail and then wrapped into a bun at the crown of the head (height of ponytail should be about the middle of their ears).  Please use bobby pins the same color as hair (no barrettes).  No bangs are allowed.  Use gel on slightly damp hair to prevent fly-away hair or wispies.  Hair nets and bun makers are encouraged for a clean uniform look.
      If you are concerned about getting your dancer’s short hair into a bun please see Miss Natalie.
      Miss Britton’s Monday Hip Hop class – follow the above for getting the hair into low ponytail slicked back with no fly away hair, just no bun…keep it in a ponytail.
    • Costumes:  Check to be sure you have all parts including any accessories or hairpieces and mark all with dancer’s name/initials!
      Please hang up the costume to remove any wrinkles.  Tutus should be hung upside down to prevent from drooping.
      If sewing is needed please match color thread to costume.  No safety pins are to be used!!
      No jewelry, nail polish, or underpants under tights.

Friday June 4th at 7:00pm
Saturday June 5th at 1:00pm
Saturday June 5th at 7:00pm

Here are some tips for Attending the Performance!

  • Performers should be at the theatre 30 minutes prior to curtain.  Pre-Professional and Company Dancers must be onstage 30 minutes prior to all rehearsals and 1 1/2 hours prior to performances for warm-ups.
  • No one is allowed to watch backstage.
  • Please keep the aisles clear at all times and caution children about running and noise.
  • Theatre doors will open 30 minutes prior to curtain.  No early entry into the auditorium will be allowed.
  • COVID protocols will be followed.  Everyone in the theater and the Stoughton Opera House building will be required to wear a mask.  Temperature checks will be taken at the door for anyone entering the theater.  Please leave one seat in between groups to promote social distancing.
  • You will only be allowed to enter or exit the theater in between numbers during the applause.  There will be ushers at the auditorium doors to assist you.  No exceptions.
  • Performers will stay in their dressing rooms with adult supervision during the acts they perform in.  Our adult supervisors will have check in lists and will only allow students to leave the dressing room for the student’s performance, at Intermission, or after the show has concluded.
  • Enjoy the show!  We are all so very proud of all the hard work these artists have put in for the past 9 months; it’s time to celebrate them and their accomplishments!

Ticket Information 

  • This year due to COVID safety procedures and protocols, our ticketing system will look a bit different.
  • Each family is allowed 2 tickets per show for Friday evening June 4th at 7:00pm and Saturday matinee June 5th at 1:00pm.  We are the very first live, in person event at the Opera House since it shut down and they are requiring capacity limits and multiple precautions.
  • Tickets are $12 each and are general admission.
  • Everyone entering the theater will have their temperature checked and will be required to wear a mask.  Please leave one empty seat between groups to promote social distancing.
  • A live stream of every show will be available for those not able to attend the performances.  There is no cost for the live stream, though donations for our scholarship fund are accepted to help those in financial need provide classes and lessons for their children.
  • If you need to exit the theater during performances, you will only be allowed to do so in between numbers during applause.

Here are a few tips on Capturing the Memories!

  • Absolutely NO FLASH photography is allowed at any time during the show.  Flash photos are extremely dangerous for the performers and is disruptive to those around you.  Please advise anyone attending of this policy.  You are more than welcome to take non-flash photos during Dress Rehearsals and Performances.
  • Photography:  There will be a space available in the Opera House to take photos of your performer before or after the show.
  • Videography:  You are welcome to video your students during Dress Rehearsal ONLY.  No videos are allowed at any of the performances.  We will have a recording of each of the shows available for purchase; more details to come.