Stoughton Center for the Arts is launching a new program this Fall. Our SCA Relevé Mini Troupe is an opportunity for participating Relevé students to experience dance outside of the classroom. This performance-centric class will focus on choreography, stage presence, and technique.

Like all of our SCA classes, students will attend weekly classes and perform in the end of the season Showcase. In addition, our Relevé Mini Troupe members will join our PPL/Company Members at our first dance convention of the season in November. Our Mini Troupe will participate in the classes during the day and watch a Regional Competition in the evening. In February, our Mini Troupe will compete their group piece at Imagine Dance Challenge.

This is a new program, so we anticipate there will be questions. We’ve done our best to anticipate them in the FAQ below.

Q: Do you need to be invited to the Mini Troupe?

A: No. Anyone can register as long as they are an existing SCA Dance student. Students who just started in dance during the summer qualify.

Q: How old does the student need to be to participate?

A: The Troupe is for ages 5-9.

Q: How is the Mini Troupe different from PPL?

A: The Mini Troupe is a lower commitment level than PPL and Company. For some participants,  we anticipate the Mini Troupe will be a comfortable way to whether they want to work towards the PPL program without the big commitment. For other participants, we expect it will be a nice addition to their Relevé classes.

Q: How do I register my student?

A: The program will be listed with all of the classes when registration opens this fall.

Q: Will it cost more than our current Relevé Classes?

A: The weekly class will not cost more, but there will be additional costs. Participants will pay for the cost of the Convention and the Competition as part of tuition through SCA. There are travel expenses including hotels, meals, etc. that participants will pay on their own for the Convention and Competition.

All of the details on the program, including costs and Convention/Competition dates, will be available when registration opens.