CALLING ALL DANCERS, MUSICIANS, AND ACTORS/ACTRESSES!  We are auditioning for our Company for the 2021-2022 Season!

We are accepting video auditions which can be submitted any time between now and Sunday May 30th at 8:00pm.   Please complete the Online Audition Form and email your video(s) to  (See tips below for sending video.)

Video auditions are as follows:
DANCERS:  On Sunday May 16th videos will be uploaded/posted with combos.  Each age group (age 5-9 and 10+) will be given two combinations and be asked to do a couple of basic technique elements (turns, leaps, etc).  Dancers should record themselves doing the combinations and technique pieces and submit that video for their audition.
MUSICIANS:  Submit a video performing your preferred instrument  -singing or playing – a song of your choice that is 1-2 minutes long.
ACTORS/ACTRESSES:  Submit a video of a 1 minute monologue.
TRIPLE THREAT:  Submit video(s) to equal any two of the above choices.

Our Company members perform, compete, and participate in additional training at various regional events throughout the season.  In addition, they are involved in fundraising and community outreach events and services.  This season we will be looking at potentially adding Community Performances within Stoughton and possibly surrounding communities for our Company Members.

All Company members train within our Pre-Professional Level Program.  To learn more about both programs, view our FAQs.

Sending video via email:
If the video file is too large to email, try a service such as or  SCA also uses Dropbox as a service, so if you’d like you’re welcome to send the file via Dropbox.
Another option is creating a private YouTube account and posting the videos there.
If you have issues, please let us know so we can help you get the audition videos to us!

As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling or texting 608-873-0717 or via email!