Rehearsal: Sunday April 21st 3:45-4:30pm

Show: Saturday April 27th 12:30pm

Costume and Hair Info



Rehearsals: Monday April 22nd 4-6:30pm AND Wednesday April 24th 7:45-9pm

Shows: Thursday April 25th 6pm (Wilbur Cast) AND Saturday April 27th 10:30am (Charlotte Cast)


Costume and Hair Info


Center Stage 

Rehearsal: Sunday April 21st 5:30-7:30pm

Show: Thursday April 25th 7:30pm



Costume and Hair Info 

All Nurses need to have their hair up in back so it is off the collar of their uniforms. Prefer 40s styles, rolls and french twists, curls, etc. Please speak with MaryCarel individually about your hairstyle and whether you’ll need assistance. Hair needs to be done before rehearsal starts on Sunday, especially since we will need to test it with your nursing and/or military caps.

All Nurses MAY choose to wear beige pantyhose throughout the show but you may also choose to go bare-legged after the opening scene. We will be providing white stockings to nurses in white uniforms during the first two scenes and beige stockings to those nurses in party dresses who need to remove stockings on stage for tourniquets once the war begins.
Nurses may wish to wear undertards as there are several very fast changes backstage that you will not have time to go to the dressing rooms to do changes.
Nurses will need to have jazz shoes or similar for all scenes after the war starts. If you don’t have jazz shoes, please see MaryCarel so we can provide period-appropriate footwear. You also need Party Shoes for the dance — if you have character shoes those will work. If not, please let MaryCarel know ASAP.
Please remember to wear deodorant for all dress rehearsals.
Soldiers and Male Prisoners 
Please remember to wear deodorant for all dress rehearsals.


You all need white undershirts (short sleeve or sleeveless).
You all need some sort of black or brown footwear — dress shoes, jazz shoes, or combat boots for the soldiers. Please remember to bring CREW socks to match your shoes. No logos should show on socks, but the socks should be long enough to cover your ankles.
Any of you with long hair (anything that would hang over your collar or need to be pinned up) will be wearing wigs. Please make sure your hair is clean and dry for dress rehearsals. If. If you have questions please see MaryCarel.