It’s here – one of our easiest and most profitable fundraisers of the year…Yankee Candles!

Offering so much more than just candles including wrapping paper, cookware, and more, this fundraiser is easy and fun!  Simply sign up online, share the link with our Group number and the student’s name, and share with friends and family across the country!

They place orders online which get shipped directly to them, and you enjoy approximately 40% profit off each item sold!

This fundraiser starts NOW and runs until January 5th 2019.

Here’s how to get started!

  • Go to and create your seller account
    • Click “Seller Login”
    • Complete “Sign up to be a Seller”
    • Enter your Organization’s Group number of 999982542
    • Click Submit
  • Provide e-mail addresses (email addresses are confidential and will not be shared.  See for details)
    • Enter e-mail addresses of friends and family members
    • Click Send
  • Track your sales & profits
    • Your contacts will receive a custom email from you explaining your Yankee Candle® Fundraising sale.
    • Your friends and family members start shopping online.
    • The profits from their purchases are applied to your selling total and your organization’s grand total.
    • Everything ships directly to your customers.