Congrats to all who auditioned for SCA’s 2023 Holiday Show – Miracle on 34th Street!  Check your email inbox for information regarding rehearsals and other details.

Cast List for “Miracle on 34th Street”

Please look through the entire list as your name may be listed more than once.
* denotes a singing role with solos/duets/small ensemble
There are multiple small roles with lines that will be assigned at rehearsals to ensemble members.

Doris Walker *:  Abigail Hindle

Susan Walker *:  Grace Bailey & Lily Blake (double cast)

Fred Bailey *:  Jon Klingenberg

Kris Kringle *:  Leo Endres

Marvin Shellhammer *:  Jeremy Kumbier

R.H. Macy *:  Jon Churchwell

Judge M. Group *:  Amber Fornstedt

Tammany O’Halloran *:  Wizzy Metz

Thomas Mara, District Attorney:  Stephen Blake

Mrs. Sawyer:  Whitney Kreyer

Miss Crookshank *: Drew Matheson

A Drunk Santa:  Stephen Blake

Miss Muffet:  Jim Ross

A Kid:  Claire Rattman

A Balloon Vendor:  Quinn Rousseau

Macy’s Store Clerks *

Rylee Campbell
Rebekah Cooper
Sophia Dyer
Brindisi Horswill
Ava Larson
Drew Matheson (head clerk)
Alley Parks
Lara Royko

Clara:  Madeline Olsen

Miss Sims:  Ella Loup

Alvin (Marine): Quinn Rousseau

Whitey (Marine): Miles Heritsch

Climber (Marine): Jim Ross

Bailiff:  Nick Fitzgibbon

Murphy:  Tobie Bluel-Campbell

Mailman:  Baylee Weesner

Harry Finfer:  Hudson Bakken

Mrs. Finfer:  Lydia Ensminger

Henrika *:  Clarissa Kim

Henrika’s Mother:  Daisy Becker

Tammy Mara:  Chloe Pallangyo

Tall Dame Girl Scout:  Tobie Bluel-Campbell

Mr. Gimbel:  Jim Ross

New York City Mayor:  Tim Swadley

Two Policemen:  Jim Ross, Miles Heritsch

A Man Shopper and His Wife:  Miles Heritsch and Alley Parks

Young Woman Shopper:  Lara Royko

A Clerk in the Toy Department:  Drew Matheson

Featured Vocal Soloists *

Lydia Ensminger
Amber Fornstedt
Drew Matheson
Wizzy Metz
Matthew White

Junior Dance Ensemble

Lola Anderson
Marissa Garfoot
Clara Harrington
Hazel LaPoint
Lu Stensrud
Leila Uphoff
Alena Whitford

Fantasy Toys
** denotes dancing 

Ever Brekken
Betty Byfield **
Hayley Elmer **
Josie Elmer
Olivia Frey **
Olivia Holt **
Beckett Horswill
Olivia Lewis
Addison Moyer **
Claire Rattman
Morgan Swadley **
June Wood **

Dancing Shoppers and
Fantasy Toy Ballerinas
(some ballerina parts will be
en pointe)

Addeline Anderson
Kylie Beerup
Emma Brown
Bella Borquist
Lillian Brimmer
Rylee Campbell
Nora Deegan
Brindisi Horswill
Talya Kulp
Ava Recupero
Makayla Weesner
Natalie Wesolek
Aslynn Whitford

Ensemble (singing, acting, some small roles with lines to be assigned at rehearsals)

Lola Anderson, Grace Bailey, Hudson Bakken, Daisy Becker, Lily Blake, Stephen Blake, Tobie Bluel-Campbell, Ever Brekken, Rylee Campbell, Jon Churchwell, Sophia Dyer, Josie Elmer, Lydia Ensminger, Nicholas Fitzgibbon, Amber Fornstedt, Miles Heritsch, Olivia Holt, Beckett Horswill, Brindisi Horswill, Evan Jensen, Clarissa Kim, Whitney Kreyer, Jeremy Kumbier, Ava Larson, Olivia Lewis, Ella Loup, Drew Matheson, Wizzy Metz, Addison Moyer, Madeline Olsen, Chloe Pallangyo, Alley Parks, Claire Rattman, Jim Ross, Quinn Rousseau, Lara Royko, Lu Stensrud, Leila Uphoff, Baylee Weesner, Aslynn Whitford, June Wood