A Message from the Director

Here at the Stoughton Center for the Arts, I have worked to instill principles in my faculty that every student of SCA should feel safe and loved.  That principle came out of my own personal principles, many of which are based on kindness, transparency, and integrity.

Little did I know that principle of being safe and loved would extend now well beyond my students.  It is important that I ensure that not only my students feel that way, but also my faculty and the parents and families of my students.

Not only will SCA take precautions and follow guidelines for the safety of everyone upon reopening, we will offer options.
There will be those of you who want to get back into the studio.
There will be those of you who are hesitant and want to wait a bit.
We will be offering solutions to honor both, so that everyone feels safe, everyone feels welcome when they are ready, and everyone can experience their arts education in the way they feel the most safe.

Thank you so much for entrusting your arts education to us.  We are honored by those that are a part of our SCA family.

Miss Natalie