A Message from the Director

In these strange times, we at Stoughton Center for the Arts are working to offer safety to our SCA families.  We are hoping to provide parents with resources to keep their children active, busy, and learning the arts during these next few weeks.  We are trying to keep everyone in mind…our students, their families, and our employees.

As timing would have it our Spring Break fell in the middle of all this, so although we’re off for three weeks our students are only losing two weeks of instruction.  We will not be “observing” our Spring Break online and will continue to offer daily resources.  As a reminder, at this time SCA is tentatively scheduled to resume classes on Monday April 6th.  We will continue to communicate any updates as they occur.

It’s been a couple of strange winters…last year with the polar freeze and snow days we had a total of 8 days cancelled – 1 Monday, 3 Tuesdays, 2 Wednesdays and 2 Thursdays.  In the 16 years I have been with the Center, I only recall one other time back in the 90’s when we had snow days on 3 consecutive Mondays.  They’re often random and scattered, not affecting the same classes and lessons.
But, these unpredictable and out-of-our-control things happen, and as a small business we will do what we can to keep going.

I encourage you during these times to explore corners and facets of the arts that you perhaps normally wouldn’t…sing if you’re a dancer, try your hand at reading a monologue or poem out loud, compose some music, paint a picture, or write a story – anything new for you.  You might discover something about yourself, find a new art you love, or be our next Triple Threat!

Each tab below covers our various departments and classes.  If you have questions, please contact us.

I thank you immensely for your patience, support, and trust in us to provide you and your family with the best arts education.  In times like these, those things mean so very much.

See you all very soon –

Miss Natalie

UPDATE:  The State issued order has now extended through Friday April 24th or a superseding order.  Classes are now set to resume on Monday April 27th.  Please review our Online Learning Page for information on April Classes!

Classes are tentatively set to resume Monday April 6th.

During the temporary closure, we will be putting activities, exercises, stretching, and classes on social media and sending via email.  These will be every discipline and every level.  Some of the classes taught will be by our own teachers, some taught by industry leaders and professionals across the nation.  Although not the same as in person instruction, we are hoping the variety and quantity of available resources will help substitute the classes your student would normally receive.

Once we have resumed classes, we will offer two weeks where you can attend other classes throughout the week as makeups.

We encourage all of you to take this time to explore new disciplines from the comfort of your own home!  You are welcome to take and try any of the classes we post.

We will be offering all Showcase music to our students free of charge this season.  If you purchased music already this season, your account will be credited.  We will be emailing you access to the Showcase music soon so that everyone can practice their Showcase dances!

At this time, the Annual Dance Showcase is still set for May 29th and 30th.  We will communicate any changes if they occur.

Classes and Lessons are tentatively set to resume Monday April 6th.

In the meantime, please check your email and our social media as we will be posting music activities, worksheets, apps, etc over the next few weeks.

Don’t stop practicing!  We encourage all of our music students to take a recording or video of you practicing your assigned lesson work and send it to teacher@stoughtoncenterarts.com.  We will get it to your music teacher so that they can see your progress, comment, make some corrections, and then send it back to you.  A mini lesson fit into your schedule whenever you want it to!

We will be scheduling one makeup lesson for all music students once we return.  More information on this in the coming weeks!

At this time, we will be postponing the Annual Music Showcase that was scheduled for April 19th at the Stoughton Opera House.  Please continue to practice your showcase pieces, as we are looking at rescheduling for May or early June!  More details to come.

Thank you for your patience, and keep playing and singing!!!

Classes are cancelled and are tentatively set to resume April 6th.

We’re taking the Drama Shows professional style!
DID YOU KNOW:  in professional situations, actors are asked to memorize all of their lines BEFORE rehearsals start!  Then when they come to rehearsals they learn the blocking and practice characterization and running the scenes, and then they perform!
Please return to us the beginning of April with all of your lines memorized!

Scripts or links to scripts will be emailed directly to Drama Department families.

We will be adding a Saturday morning practice/rehearsal once we return (likely in May) to help with makeups.

At this time, the Annual Drama Showcase is still set for June 6th at the Stoughton Opera House.  If anything changes, we will communicate updates as they occur.

Classes are cancelled and will resume the week of April 6th (tentative).

Since only one class in March was offered for this brand new program, we will be crediting your March tuition to your account and extend the program accordingly.

A schedule will be posted and emailed as soon as it is determined.

Thank you for your patience!
Miss Suzanne and Miss Natalie

All classes and workshops are cancelled/postponed.

Please stay tuned for updates coming the beginning of April.