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Pre Professional Training Level and Company

Our Company consists of Musicians, Actors & Actresses, Dancers, and ‘Triple Threats’ – students that excel at dance, music, and acting.  Our award winning company has some of the most talented performers in the area with members competing and performing locally, regionally, and nationally.  Auditions for our Company are in the Spring.  Come join our talented family!

FAQs about PPL and Company

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To all members of our 2020-2021 PPL and Company –

This season and year brings on many new challenges as we navigate through uncertainty in our ever-changing situation.  I am committed to doing my best to give our Company and PPL students educational and performance opportunities that we can while maintaining safety.  I have chosen companies for this season that have already put out their own safety protocols regarding their events, along with their policies on how they will handle if an event is cancelled or postponed.   Please read below to see each company’s information regarding this season, noting that these companies are national (and must adhere to all state guidelines and mandates) and that their individual company information may change.  In the event that I receive updated policies or guidelines from these companies, I will forward that information along to you.

I believe that we can work our way through this season offering quality arts education both in and outside our classrooms for these students, as well as potentially new and unique performing opportunities.  I pledge to maintain transparent and frequent communication regarding each event throughout the season and make decisions based on the safety, care, and education of our students.

Stephanie and I will do our best to answer any and all questions you have regarding this season.  Please understand that some questions may not quite have answers as of yet, but we will continue to set forth transparency in our responses.
In accordance with that, I would like to take a moment to address the Holiday Show.  We have crafted an idea that is extremely flexible, allowing for a show to be done in person, completely virtual, or a combination of the two.  I found the flexibility to be most important, as we may have students that have to perform virtually, and am excited to see the outcome.  There will be individual parts (solos), small groups, and all sorts of entertainment – acting, storytelling, dancing, and music…which I hope will be holiday magic and spirit to the end of this year.  Because of the nature of the show, the rehearsal schedule may not be as rigorous and scheduled as usual…you’ll note we’re ‘tentatively’ starting Saturday morning rehearsals a week later, but that may change and the start may get pushed even later.  As stated before, I will keep in frequent communication regarding this and other elements throughout the season.

For those that were registered to attend NUVO convention in March 2020 or Precision Arts Challenge competition in April 2020, you will have credits on your account heading into the 2020-2021 season.  These credits will be applied to the overall total of your budget billing invoice and do not need to be applied specifically to the same convention or competition for this season.

We are so excited for our new MINI PPL level!!  Minis are not required to attend convention, but are certainly welcome to if they would like!

I am so very grateful and must express the utmost appreciation for every one of you – students and families.  These past few months have been full of twists and turns, and throughout everything you have stuck with us.  My faculty and I vow to continue to provide your children with a quality arts education, memorable experiences, and life skills.  As always, if any of you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts – please know my door is always open.  (And if it is closed, that means I’m teaching!)


Miss Natalie
Stoughton Center for the Arts

Our Pre Professional Level Program is currently for our Dance, Music, and Drama Departments.  Our “PPL” students train at a higher level and our Company receives additional performance opportunities throughout the season.  Our Pre Professional Program is by invitation only, Company is by audition.  Students will be notified in the Spring if they are invited to join our PPL Program.  Students that audition for and are invited to join our Company are required to train within our PPL Program.

By registering your son/daughter for our PPL Program for the 2020-2021 Season, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in the documents below.

PPL Student Expectations & Contract for the 2020-2021 Season
PPL Parent Expectations & Contract for the 2020-2021 Season
Company Expectations & Contract for 2020-2021 Season
2020-2021 Co & PPL Season Schedule
Budget Billing Plan Information

2020-2021 PPL Senior Dancers – Announcement coming soon!

2020-2021 PPL Teen Dancers – Announcement coming soon!

2020-2021 PPL Junior Dancers – Announcement coming soon!

2020-2021 PPL Petite Dancers – Announcement coming soon!

2020-2021 PPL Mini Dancers – Announcement coming soon!

2020-2021 PPL Actors, Musicians, and Triple Threat (non-dance focused) – Lilly Blake, Madeline Olsen, Josh Walker

Convention and Competition Individual Company Safety Protocols and Policies

 Hello Families,

I am sure you are wondering how Conventions like us can continue to go on.  But rest assured our industry will be back soon enough and may look different than what it was before.  It is up to Hollywood Vibe to re imagine our Convention & Competition weekends while keeping everyone’s health & safety in mind!

While we do not know what the future holds, we can prepare our events with the following protocols in place. We will be prepared to take all measures to create a safe environment.  Probably much safer than a grocery store or a shopping mall!  Hollywood Vibe will now have a designated Health & Safety Supervisor at all events to make sure that all protocols are in place and being executed accordingly.

This past spring and summer has guided us on how we can run our events virtually!  In the event that a city cancels, we will be prepared to offer a Virtual Interactive Convention with Scholarship and Competition Opportunities!  Instead of viewing classes via live stream, we are set up to create an interactive and personal virtual experience!


Hollywood Vibe have always worked to give dancers more space than other conventions pre COVID19 by limiting enrollment to insure a better educational experience.

  • We will be working closely with each venue to stay within the guidance on capacity.  Enrollment will be limited so that dancers will be able to maintain 6 ft. of separation.  What once was a full ballroom of dancers, may be 50-75% less amount of dancers.  Ballrooms will be gridded out to give dancers a visualization on their range of movement. Our faculty will be working together to format their classes so that they can respect this range.  Across the floor and standing on sides for groups may not be an option.
  • With limited attendance, we will no longer be able to offer Parent Observers in the Junior, Intermediate, Teen & Senior Ballrooms.  Mini dancers will be limited to 1 studio representative or 1 Parent Only.
  • Dressing Room Areas will be marked out to give each studio room to change.  Studios should limit the amount of parents that are assisting dancers with changing


  • Our Health & Safety Supervisor will conduct temperature checks on all staff and faculty each day.
  • We will ask Dance Teachers to conduct temperature checks on each dancer each day turning in the appropriate paperwork with the recorded temperature
  • Any Dancer or Teacher with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be asked not to attend.
  • Any competition observer will also have their temperature checked at the door before entering.


  • Face coverings will be required for anyone in the pre-function area, watching competition or in ballroom. Dancers will not need to wear face coverings while dancing or on stage performing.
  • All Staff for HV will be required to wear a face covering.


  • We will set Hand Sanitizers at points of high traffic.  Dancers will be asked to use when entering and exiting every ballroom.  They will also be at merchandise & registration areas.
  • Disposable Masks will also be available for anyone that needs one.
  • We advise that each dancer create their own kit that contains their hand sanitizer, mask, and water bottle!


  • To reduce the amount of dancers mingling at merchandise booths.  Merchandise will be available for purchase online and available for pick up at the event!


  • Professional Assistants and Runners will report for training sessions with our stage manager on the proper protocols.
  • Dancers will be asked to wait in the dressing rooms until they are called backstage.
  • Once backstage, dancers will be staged to keep their distance from other groups


  • We will clean and sanitize equipment between each faculty member’s classes
  • We will clean stage during certain periods throughout competition as well as high touch points such as handrails


  • Dancers will be asked to bring their own water bottles clearly marked with their name.


  • Live streaming of competition will now be available so all who cannot be in attendance or present in the competition ballroom can view
  • Limited Seating and audience will be set to guidelines for social distancing.
  • Contact free awards ceremony.  We will ask for Studios to select representatives to be present on stage to receive the recognition. More frequent award ceremonies will take place to reduce the number of dancers on the stage.


  • We will no longer be able to hold one large faculty introduction to reduce the crowding before the event begins
  • Class Scheduling will be tiered so start and end times will vary.  Thus reducing the amount of dancers who will be entering/exiting ballrooms and pre-function areas.
  • A new way of awarding final scholarships will be coming soon!  This again will reduce the large crowd for our closing events.


  • Any attendee that has flu-like symptoms will be asked to not attend the event.
  • All parents will need to certify that to the best of their knowledge, their dancer has been healthy 2 weeks preceding the event and not sick with any symptoms.


As the CDC recommends the best way to avoid transmission of the virus, all attendees should wash their hands multiple times throughout the day.


Each hotel and venue has given us their protocols for safety with increased cleaning of all surfaces, elevators, handrails, and high touch point areas.

We will continue to monitor government policies and public health organizations on their updates and changes.  Along with our plan and everyone’s personal responsibility, we will put forth our best efforts to create a safe and healthy environment for all!

We look forward to dancing with you this season!!


Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz


The biggest problem facing the dance industry (and everything, quite frankly) is uncertainty. Our dance studio friends are finding it hard to plan for the new season. Will Conventions & Competitions be happening? How? What if we plan on it and they are cancelled again?

Our goal for this coming season is clear… we are going to be holding all events, no matter what, GUARANTEED. Here is how it will work:


JUMP will be planning all events, in-person, for the upcoming season. We will be limiting attendance, working with our venue partners to increase ballroom space and implementing health procedures and guidelines to be able to offer the safest environment for our attendees.
Health & Safety Protocols can be found below.


We understand that some studios and families might not yet feel comfortable attending the in-person workshop. All of our in-person events will now have a virtual option. This allows a dancer or studio to take class from home or at the studio (at the discounted virtual fee). This option would also allow the dancers or studios attending the virtual workshop to still come to the venue for the competition portion of the event.


If the in-person event is unable to be held, studios and dancers may attend the event virtually (for a discounted rate). JUMP will host a virtual event, specific to the event and city, and broadcast from our studios in Los Angeles. Dancers can take workshop classes at home or the studio may organize a “watch and dance party” at their studio. Competition routines will be uploaded to our website and judged virtually. Awards ceremonies will be broadcast live immediately following the competition.


(as of 7/20/20)

JUMP has been working diligently over the last few weeks to implement health procedures and guidelines to be able to offer the safest environment for our attendees. We are closely monitoring government policy changes and public health organizations and will continue to make changes, as necessary. We are also working closely with our venue partners and the practices below might not reflect all the efforts JUMP and the venues are taking. The plan below, coupled with personal responsibility, presents our best efforts to keep our dancers, families, and staff safe.


Any attendee that has flu-like symptoms, we ask that you please not attend the event. We will offer a full refund to anyone that is unable to attend due to sickness.


Face coverings are recommended for all attendees while outside of the dance rooms. Our entire staff will be wearing masks at all times.


JUMP staff will receive temperature checks every day. Dance teachers are encouraged to check the temperatures of their dancers and teachers each morning.


We have worked with our venue partners to ensure that we are under 50% capacity in each ballroom and/or within the local government regulations. This will help to give dancers the optimal amount of space to continue practicing social distancing.


JUMP will be limiting observers in each dance room.


Dressing room spaces will be expanded to help comply with social distancing. Studios should limit the number of parents assisting with costume changes.


All interior doors will be open to reduce touchpoints.


There will be no water stations in the ballrooms. We ask that attendees please bring disposable water bottles to class.


JUMP will only be accepting credit cards and contactless forms of payment (ApplePay, etc.)


Seating will be at round tables, not traditional theatre seating. Separate and clearly marked points of entry and exit will be provided.


We encourage families, friends and dance fans to watch our FREE live webcasts of all competitions.


No scoring deductions will be given for costumes including masks, gloves, or protective equipment during performances.


When needed, JUMP will have more frequent awards sessions to reduce crowd size. All awards and scholarships will be awarded without physical contact.


Stage floors will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.


All attendees should wash their hands multiple times throughout the day. The CDC recommends this as one of the best practices to avoid transmission of the virus.


Each hotel and venue has assured us they will have increased cleaning of all surfaces, handrails, elevators, etc.

As we prepare to host our world class events, we’ve reinvented the competition experience based on guidance from health authorities and local government agencies.

While our events may seem different from the last time you competed with us, we assure you they will still have the same excitement and professionalism we’ve provided to the dance community for over 3 decades!

What you can count on from us:

  • All scheduling will be done in a ‘Block’ format. Each studio will be assigned specific time slots for all of their dancers to perform their routines.
  • Studios will be given wristbands that must be worn for admittance during their studio’s scheduled time block.
  • All staff will be required to wear face masks/coverings.
  • For those who cannot or choose to not attend in person, our shows and awards will be available via live stream, free of charge, on the DanceBug App!
  • Seating will be modified by blocking off seats or rows within a section to accommodate social distancing of at least 6 feet between individuals from different households.
  • There will be frequent disinfection of the stage, backstage area, seating areas, common areas, and dressing rooms. (After each studio block).
  • There will be multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the venues.
  • We will attempt to have as many floor markers and tape lines as we can to keep traffic flow and ample space around the facility.
  • Staff will have temperatures taken and wellness check-ins every day.
  • Award ceremonies will be scheduled and available online for viewing.
  • Adjudication Awards should be physically picked up by a studio representative at the conclusion of the studio’s scheduled block of time.
  • At our National Remix events, the top routines will advance into the exciting virtual finals. The finals and awards will be aired online at a pre-determined date.
  • There will be NO CASH SALES at our store. All sales will have limited contact, including eliminating signature requirement for credit card sales.
  • No scoring deductions will be given for any costume modifications that include any Personal Protective Equipment or choreography to accommodate social distancing.

What we count on from you:

  • All staff, teachers, dancers, prop handlers, and spectators ages two and up, will be required to wear a mask/face covering. (Dancers will not be required to wear a mask on stage).
  • Prop handlers are permitted backstage and must wear a mask/face covering at all times.
  • Props must be handled solely by the studio handlers. No staff will be permitted to assist.
  • Only active performers in the routine should be backstage with one adult teacher. No other spectators permitted. Our backstage managers look forward to greeting you!
  • We encourage you to strongly limit number of family members inside your studio’s dressing rooms.
  • Anyone who is running a fever, or who has been ill within the last 72 hours should not attend.
  • Anyone who has been in contact with someone who has been ill in the past 14 days should not attend.
  • It is highly recommended that everyone bring their own water to drink.
  • Spectators may only enter facility during their own studio’s designated performance times and must be wearing their provided wristband.
  • We encourage Studio Directors to conduct daily temperature and wellness checks on their performers and staff.
  • We encourage everyone to practice social distancing while in attendance.


As always, our priority is safety at our events. We are closely monitoring information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the venue itself to oversee this matter.



First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for their support and patronage as we continue to navigate through the 2020 season.  The safety of our clients, dancers, and staff is of the utmost importance as we return to the stage.

With careful collaboration we have worked together to form policies that will provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone in attendance.  These policies mirror the ones of our in-house staff along with the specific guidelines and requirements for each venue and city.

2020 PAC Policies:

(These policies will be present at ALL 2020 events.)

  • If a dancer, educator or attendee of any kind is feeling sick, we HIGHLY encourage staying home

  • All Attendees are recommended to wear masks

  • We recommended a wellness and temperature check for all attendees

  • Limited spectators is recommended

  • Dressing Rooms will be available however it up to the clients if they would like to utilize the space. Absolutely no rehearsing may be done in dressing room and we highly recommend that dancers, parents, and educators limit their time to only changing in the space.

  • PAC Crew will have a wellness and temperature check daily.

  • Contactless merchandise purchases

  • Our stage floor and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule.

  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue – we also encourage attendees to bring hand their own sanitizer

  • Our events will feature live streams when applicable for all performances and award ceremonies

  • There will be no scoring deductions for costumes for additional safety needs.

  • At this time, we will not be recommending hotels.

  • Individual Dancer waivers must be signed and submitted 14 days prior to event.


Since COVID-19 has affected each region of the US differently we have been in contact with local authorities to ensure the health and safety of our attendees at each event.  Some LOCAL authorities have put additional requirements and precautions in place in certain cities.  If your event will have additional precautions required, your studio director will receive an email 21 days prior outlining anything our attendees must be aware of for the event.  These additional precautions will also be sent in your TENTATIVE & FINALIZED schedules and will be included in the PDF documents that can be forwarded to your families.

Additional LOCAL PAC Precautions MAY include, but are not limited to:

  • Sessions separated by STUDIO.  (Each studio will be given a time block in which to compete.)

  • Mandatory masks & temperature checks

  • Dressing room capacity limit, in and out. (A Crew member will regulate the number of dancers in and out of the dressing room at a time to ensure social distancing.)

  • Mandatory limited spectators

We are looking forward to amazing return to the stage.


Precision Arts Challenge