To best organize the large amount of information, we have a bulleted list below, and further details on each item further down.

  1. Read the details below and then answer this short 3 question survey regarding Showcase and Summer to let us know your plans.
  2. Sign up for your last “Showcase Prep” virtual lesson with your music instructor.
  3. Perform and get recorded for Showcase!  Email us or upload to Dropbox if recording at home, or schedule a time to come in and record at the studio (June 8, 9 or 10).
  4. Send us pictures, videos, and stories for our Showcase Montage!
  5. Order your Showcase video.
  6. Sign up for virtual lessons in June
  7. Plan ahead and sign up for our July Session or our August Session!  Email to get scheduled for July or August.

Heading into this season, I never would have believed that our Showcases or our Summer would look quite like this.  However, in these uncertain times, it is necessary that we hold the safety of our students, our families, and our faculty in the highest priority.

Our Music Showcase this year will be fully virtual!  As this is all new this season, we have done our best to put all the details below, but if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

#1 – Let us know your plans
Music students wishing to be a part of the Annual Showcase will have three options:

  • Option One:  Video at home – in a nice outfit, have someone at home record your Showcase piece.  Videos can then be emailed or uploaded to Dropbox using this link.
  • Option Two:  Video at studio – in a nice outfit, you and one parent come to the studio and we will record your Showcase piece with our baby grand piano.  Safety guidelines will be followed.
  • Option Three:  Be a part of our Showcase Montage!  We are looking for pictures, stories, or videos for a Showcase Montage that will go on all our videos.  See #4 below!

#2 – Sign up for your last virtual lesson

  • All music students that have taken virtual lessons will receive one additional virtual lesson the week of June 1st at no cost.  The link to sign up for this lesson is below:
    Week of June 1 Showcase Prep Lesson

#3 – Perform and get recorded

  • Wear a nice outfit and get recorded!  If you record at home, your video can be emailed to us or uploaded to Dropbox using this link.
    If you’d like to come into the studio, wear a nice outfit, bring one parent, wash your hands, and come on in!  We will record your Showcase piece on our baby grand piano.  Safety guidelines will be followed.  Please sign up for a time to get recorded here.  Appointments are available Tuesday June 8th or Thursday June 10th from 2:30pm – 6pm or Wednesday June 9th from 1pm – 6pm.  Families may sign up together in the same 30 minute time slot.

#4 – Send us your pictures and/or videos

  • We are creating a montage this season that will be a part of all of our Showcase videos.  Please send us videos, pictures, or stories that we could add to our Showcase montage.  We’d love to include media from the entire Season, September through May – first day of class, practicing at home, whatever you’ve got!

#5 – Order your keepsake Showcase video

  • After we have collected all the videos we will put them together into our Music Showcase 2020 and send them out to those who ordered!  Videos will be offered at a ‘pay what you can’ rate, and 100% of the proceeds from the videos will go to the Stoughton Arts Guild, which will help pay tuition to students studying the arts whose parents have been financially impacted by COVID-19.
    Order your 2020 Showcase Video here

#6 & 7 – Sign up for Summer
We will run summer Music sessions in June, July and August.  Here are the details! 
Sign up for June Session now!  Or email to get scheduled for the July or August Session.
A note to Miss Angelica’s students:  we wish her well on maternity leave!  We have brought in some wonderful subs for Miss Angelica’s students for the summer!  Miss Robin has come back to teach guitar and piano, Mr Bryan will be teaching beginning guitar, piano, and voice, and Miss Bergen will be teaching voice.  We hope to see Miss Angelica back at some point in the fall and will keep you posted!

Thank you everyone, for your extreme patience as we worked through all of these changes amid uncertain times.  We are looking forward to honoring our students with a very memorable virtual experience!