We are so very excited to announce that our 2021 Holiday Show is “A Christmas Story, The Musical”!

Based on the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ with music from Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (Dear Evan Hansen, The Greatest Showman), this holiday classic brings a bright holiday mood!

Auditions will be held at Stoughton Center for the Arts
Sunday September 19th
12:00-1:00pm  Actors and Singers age 5-13
1:00-2:00pm  Dancers age 5-10
2:00-3:00pm  Dancers age 11+
3:00-4:00pm  Actors and Singers age 14-Adult
Callbacks will be at 6:00pm

Actors and Singers age 5-9 should prepare a Christmas song to be sung a capella
Actors and Singers over 9 years old will sing a Christmas song and should prepare one of the monologues in the link listed below.  Please wear something comfortable you can move in.
Dancers should arrive in dancewear, with jazz or ballet shoes.  Dancers ages 11+ who tap should bring tap shoes.

Everyone auditioning, please bring a completed audition form.

Audition Monologues

Please make yourself familiar with the callback music if you are auditioning for a lead or featured role.

Youth Callback Music
Ralphie and Randy Youth Callback Music
Adult Female Callback Music
Adult Male Callback Music

Nine year old Ralphie Parker wants one thing for Christmas, and one thing only: An Official Red Ryder Range Model Carbine Action BB Gun. There’s only one problem: everyone else is convinced he’ll shoot his eye out! Undeterred, he begins his saga of convincing all the necessary players: from his sweet but protective Mother to his straight-laced teacher, Miss Shields, all the way to Santa Claus himself – that he needs that gun for the protection of his loved ones and maybe even a little cowboy glory to call his own. Ralphie’s vivid imagination conjures up several show stopping numbers, from “Ralphie to The Rescue” in which he defeats every foe a young boy can think of (robbers, mustache twirling villains, and of course, the school bully), to the thrilling tap routine performed by a gun moll-esque Miss Shields, who sheds her sweater set and romance novel for a glittery gown and a whole lot of moxie. And Ralphie’s not the only one with dreams of grandeur. His old man is just as set on a goal of his own, namely, winning a prize in the $50,000 Great Figures of World Literature Contest. His dreams come true when he wins a major award from the competition in the form of a garish, fishnet stocking clad leg lamp, which horrifies his wife but brings him unadulterated joy. Filled with quirky and lovable characters, this zany, heartfelt, and nostalgic musical is as delightful as the biggest, shiniest present under the tree on Christmas morning.


JEAN SHEPHERD (40-60yo) Charismatic and good-natured curmudgeon. Narrates the story, but also assumes minor character roles at times. Non singing / non dancing role.

MOTHER (30-40yo) Straightforward, in charge, no nonsense. Also warm and likable. A devoted wife and mother. Vocal range mezzo-soprano, low G3 to high Db5.

THE OLD MAN (35-45yo) Devoted father and husband, good-natured with a gruff exterior. Vocal range high baritone Bb2-G4.

MISS SHIELDS (25-50yo) Ralphie’s school teacher. Prim, proper, and stern when necessary. In the dream sequence she transforms into a dynamic and show stopping belter. Vocal range F#3-D5.

SANTA CLAUS- (30-60) The Santa Claus at Higbee’s Department Store is ill- tempered, slightly inebriated and very unhappy with his job–nothing like the “Jolly Old Elf” of the Christmas stories!  Vocal range is B♭2 to F4 (optional B♭4).

ENSEMBLE (20-50yo) to play Chief Elves, Mrs. Schwartz, Flick’s Mother, Nancy’s Mother, Fantasy Villain, Waiters, Bank Robbers, Firefighter, Police Officer, Doctor, Nurse, Delivery Persons, Townspeople, Can Can Girls, and Others.


RALPHIE (9-13) A regular kid with a dream. Bright and mischievous, his one wish is to get a Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun for Christmas. Vocal range F#3-D5.

RANDY (7-9) Ralphie’s younger brother. Lovable and stubborn. Vocal range F#3-D5.

SCHWARTZ (9-13) Ralphie’s best friend, he becomes the scapegoat Ralphie when he gets in a tight spot. Vocal range F#3-D5.

FLICK (9-13) Ralphie’s other best friend, he accepts a triple dog dare to stick his tongue to a frozen flagpole. Vocal range F#3-D5.

SCUT FARKUS (12-15) The classic neighborhood bully, obnoxious and intimidating. Vocal range F#3-D5.

GROVER DILL (10-13) Farkus’ side kick. Delights in the fear he inspires from the neighborhood kids. Vocal range F#3-D5.

ESTHER JANE / (9-13) Classmate of Ralphie, neighborhood kid. Vocal range F#3-D5.

MARY BETH / (9-13) Classmate of Ralphie, neighborhood kid. Vocal range F#3-D5.

NANCY/ (9-13) Classmate of Ralphie. Vocal range F#3-D5.

ENSEMBLE (9-13) to play classmates, neighborhood kids, tap dancers, and others. All vocal ranges.